"Si me dieran a elegir, yo elegiría
esta salud de saber que estamos muy enfermos,
esta dicha de andar tan infelices."
Fragmento de El juego en que andamos, Juan Gelman (via poesianoerestu)

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Badger Girl


Joe Fenton

Joe Fenton is a London based artist that works mainly in monochrome. His large drawings are produced using graphite, ink and acrylics on paper.

Joe’s art work is influenced by many of the early surrealists. Embracing the grotesque by his employment of Hieronymus Bosch like figures that are gangly, writhing and cramped.

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lachicarotadelabiosrojos said: Hola! :D Hay una frase que dice:-Te gusta la música? -Te gusta respirar? Pero, no se de que película es, o si es de alguna serie, si tu lo sabes, podrías decírmelo? Por favor! :D <3

Es de una película. It’s a kind of a funny story. 

Dancing Colors by Fabian Oefner

“Dancing Colours” is a great series by Zurich-based photographer Fabian Oefner who tried to create a bridge between acoustics and the visual world by making sound waves visible. He used regular salt that he coloured with pigments on a speaker and then turned on the music to create vibrations that lifted the whole in the air. In order to capture these very moments, he attached a microphone to a flash system that triggered when picking up sounds.

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